Every action, large and small, can lead to better schools in Atlanta. No one can’t change the system alone, so by using your vote, sharing your stories, and building a community, communities can create real impact for our over 50,000 students that rely on the public school system for their education, setting them up for a lifetime of success.

The first step is for parents, or those involved in students’ lives, to get involved with your local school by connecting with:

You’ll get to hear first hand what’s happening in your school and in your community that impacts the future of APS.  

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At the end of the day, the elected members of the Atlanta Board of Education establish and approve the policies that govern the Atlanta Public School system. Their vision and direction ultimately determines the quality of a school and the metrics necessary to advance student achievement, proficiency and ensure students are graduating career and college ready.

By using your vote, you’re sending a message for what you want the future of our public school system to be. 

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share your story

By telling us your experience with Atlanta public schools, you can aid in quantifying experiences, leading to support for policy initiatives, or informing policy needs. There is strength in numbers, and your stories can help us change the future for Atlanta’s students.


tell a friend

Help us build the community wanting to improve our local schools by sharing the Atlanta School Data Project with a friend. If a parent knows other parents with matters to address at school, it can serve as a way to rally together and push for change. 


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