Parents and caregivers should be able to determine what makes a school great for their child. The intention of this data is to give parents and caregivers an accessible way to understand the public data available about their school. While data is important, there’s so much more at a school and numbers can never give a complete picture.


This measures how many students are on grade level based on Georgia Milestones

student growth

This measures how many students are showing at least one year’s worth of academic growth in a school year based on Georgia Milestones


This measures school climate using a variety of data including student and staff surveys, attendance, and discipline data that is collected by the Georgia Department of Education

similar schools

This compares achievement for schools with similar student demographics


This measures academic achievement, growth, and gaps in achievement by different student populations including race, poverty, special education, etc.

graduation rate

Where applicable, this measures the number of students graduating high school within four years